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The Anxiety Disorder Game II: Shifting The Game Plan

“…after looking everywhere for the Queen…[Alice] thought she would try the plan, this time, of walking in the opposite direction.  It succeeded beautifully.” Lewis Carroll, Through The Looking Glass In Part I, we saw that disordered anxiety plays a game with certain rules, and that anxiety wins when the client plays by those rules. Ordinarily, anxiety is […]

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A Touch of Humor Can be a Tool in Anger Management and Anxiety

Anger, anxiety, addiction, depression and other challenges might be easier to manage if they become a little bit of a laughing matter. That’s not to downplay the potentially destructive nature of these issues, but there may be appropriate times to loosen the grip of emotional distress with a touch of humor. One strategy developed by […]

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The Impact of High Conflict Divorce on Children’s Emotional Development

The Impact of High Conflict Divorce on Children’s Emotional Development 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. As clinicians, we are directly on the front lines of the divorce process in our work with couples, individuals, families, and with the children that experience their parent’s divorce. For the purpose of this article, […]

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Coping With Illness Through Humor By Ralph Gilbert

The Lighter Side Of Prostate Cancer Ralph Gilbert, a successful Newton businessman, is striking back against prostate cancer with the best weapon a man can wield: his humor. He has owned and operated three Boston-area hotels and been president of Temple Emanuel in Newton. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture from M.I.T. These […]

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