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Colleges Increasing Support for Students with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression Increasing in College Students College may be an adventure, a transition to independence and an opportunity for many kinds of enjoyment. But the pressures of juggling daily life, academics and even problems with their families back home, like a job loss or an illness, can push some college students into increased anxiety […]

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Anxiety and Synchronicity: Living in the Real World

The concept of synchronicity was initially posited by the psychoanalyst C. G. Jung as being an incident in our lives that reveals itself as a significant, or consequential, coincidence, which apparently has no causal relationship to one another yet seems to be, in fact, directly related. The psychic healer and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, claims […]

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EMDR Helps Break Pattern of Anxiety

A therapy called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR, is proving to help break many patterns of anxiety. A simple way to describe EMDR might be to say a person holds a thought of an anxiety-producing moment, like an accident, while tracking the therapist’s finger as it moves back and forth. In an unscientific […]

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Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Calm Anxiety

A person who lives life in the midst of chronic anxiety often suffers many trials in the course of an average day. Getting stuck in a traffic jam or being on a train that’s delayed may push a person with anxiety to thoughts of, “I’m late. I might lose my job if I don’t get […]

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DBT Skills Can Reduce Anxiety

DBT Skills for Managing Emotions Can Decrease Anxiety Social Worker Jeremy Schwartz had a client named Brenda whose anxiety disrupted her life in many ways. Sometimes she would miss an appointment because she had a panic attack on the train. She would break up with her boyfriend one day, then text him non-stop to next […]

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Anxiety Increasing Across America

Anxiety about Daily Life Increasing Across America Searching Google for information about America’s most common anxieties may not be the most scientific research. But one opinion writer for The New York Times suggests, at the very least, it’s a snapshot of what’s worrying folks across this diverse country. In an article titled “Fifty States of […]

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Going Public About Mental Health Issues

Medical Student Goes Public with Mental Health Issues A medical student who decided to be completely honest about her struggles with anxiety, depression and even a suicide attempt is sticking to her determination to become a physician. She’s found support from her mentor and fellow medical students and skepticism from some administrators at the medical […]

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Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults

How Parents Can Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults The freedom and playfulness of just being a child has declined over the past several decades. That loss of play is having a negative effect on the emotional development of our young people and “..has led to a rise in anxiety, depression and […]

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Being Present Can Dispel Fear and Connect Us to the Peaceful Energy of Life

Many people experience a kind of free-floating fear. It maybe fear of making a mistake at work and being thought of as a failure. It might be fear of not being a good enough parent. Some people feel they are not worthy of love or acceptance, so they fear rejection. It could be the vague, […]

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Managing Heightened Sensitivity Accompanying Mental Health Issues

How to Trust Yourself When You Live with the Racing Thoughts and Sensitivity of Mental Health Issues Everyone has times when the stress mounts up to an almost unbearable level, when you don’t get enough sleep, when you have to make difficult decisions, when family or work issues are pressing and need attention and resolution. […]

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