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Colleges Increasing Support for Students with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression Increasing in College Students College may be an adventure, a transition to independence and an opportunity for many kinds of enjoyment. But the pressures of juggling daily life, academics and even problems with their families back home, like a job loss or an illness, can push some college students into increased anxiety […]

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Teen Depression is Increasing Across the Country

Teen Depression Increasing Faster than Treatment Teenagers are expected to be irritable at times and often defiant as they develop independence and struggle to create their own identity. But the increasing rate of depression among teens seems to be something more than common moodiness that comes with adolescence and the shift to young adulthood. The […]

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Daphne Merkin headshot - author of This Close to Happy: A Reckoning with Depression

Finding Happiness Despite Depression – Daphne Merkin’s Story

Pushing through Depression toward Happiness A close-up struggle through decades of depression eventually arrives at “nearly happy” in Daphne Merkin’s personal story of her troubling and complicated life journey. It’s a sigh of relief actually, to get to the end of the book, This Close to Happy: A Reckoning with Depression. In the last chapter, […]

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Men Experience Depression Differently Than Women

Differences in Male Depression are Rooted in Society’s Constructs of Masculinity and Femininity It has long been believed that depression is far more common in females than it is in males with statistic claiming the number of women suffering from this diagnosis is nearly double to the number of males. However, these statistics have just […]

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Depression Often Goes Untreated

Depression Often Poorly Diagnosed and Untreated The use of antidepressant drugs in the U.S. is increasing, but a new study found that many adults with depression do not receive proper treatment. The study found that some adults who are diagnosed with depression are not getting any treatment, or may not be getting treatment that correctly […]

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Negative Emotions Can Drive Positive Change

Negative Emotions Can Be Good for Creating Positive Change No one really wants to feel angry, sad, guilty, anxious, envious or lonely. But let’s face it – most of us feel one or more of those emotions occasionally or even frequently. Now psychologists are suggesting that these negative emotions can be what nudges us to […]

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Rising Above Personality Disorder: The Creativity of Sylvia Plath

Creativity of Writer Sylvia Plath Rises above Her Personality Disorder The powerful, incisive writing of Sylvia Plath is often overshadowed by her personal story of emotional highs and lows that led to her suicide at age 30, when her writing career was at a peak. “Plath’s poetry, and not her death, was her triumphant fulfillment,” […]

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Going Public About Mental Health Issues

Medical Student Goes Public with Mental Health Issues A medical student who decided to be completely honest about her struggles with anxiety, depression and even a suicide attempt is sticking to her determination to become a physician. She’s found support from her mentor and fellow medical students and skepticism from some administrators at the medical […]

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JK Rowling on Overcoming Depression

JK Rowling on Overcoming Depression: The World is Full of Wonderful Things It’s well-known that one of the world’s most famous authors went from being a single mother in a cold water flat to the beloved and acclaimed author who created the magical world of Harry Potter. In the past few years, J.K. Rowling has […]

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Was Hemingway’s Suicide Inevitable?

Mental Health of Literary Giant Hemingway Continues to be Studied Ernest Hemingway is revered as one of the great American novelists, acclaimed for his writing, as well as for his adventurous lifestyle and friendships with the great writers and artists of his generation. But this larger-than-life author, whose renown continues to lure crowds to his […]

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