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Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

Mindful Eating Can Help You Achieve and Keep a Healthy Weight Wait! What is it about weight that’s so complicated? Many things. Ah, food! That delicious, enjoyable, healthy, devilish necessity of life that brings satisfaction, companionship, distress, guilt and confusion. Ugh, exercise! OK, walking is pleasant, if the weather is nice. Bicycle riding is fun. […]

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Children meditating in school - Dharma Primary School

Mindfulness in School to Improve Concentration

Mindfulness for Students Can Improve Concentration and Regulate Emotions The waterfall of mindfulness training that’s pouring into sports, the military, mental health therapy and business has dipped down into younger generations. Mindfulness is in schools. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of quieting the mind to bring awareness and attention to the present moment. It’s increasingly being […]

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Benefits of Meditation: Brain Exercise

Can We Change Our Minds? No one doubts that we can improve our physical health by exercising regularly. We know that if we lift weights we will build muscles. We see them and feel them and know that change is occurring. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if mental health “exercises” were making tangible, physical […]

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Negative person

Halt Negative Thoughts by Accepting Them

Negative Thinking Begins to Dissolve with Acceptance If you lose your job or your sweetheart leaves you for your best friend or you regain the 10 pounds you lost by nearly starving yourself for two months, you’ll most likely have negative thoughts flooding in. That’s expected. These are upsetting developments. You’ll obsess about what’s wrong […]

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Mindfulness Can Improve Well-Being

Mindfulness Basics to Improve Physical and Emotional Well-Being If you woke up this morning and immediately began listing in your mind the things you already won’t have time to complete, you’re not practicing mindfulness. If you gulped down your morning coffee, ate lunch at your desk and rushed through dinner, you were not practicing mindfulness. […]

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Downsides of Mindfulness Meditation Without Guidance

Mindfulness Meditation: The Good, the Bad and the Dangerous Mental health professionals and people around the globe have increasingly been embracing the positive benefits of mindfulness and guided meditation for several decades. But like all good things, there can be a down side. So beginners to mindfulness, especially those who browse online meditations and experiment […]

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Mindfulness Can Help Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and More

Therapists Embrace Mindfulness to Complement Therapy Therapists are finding that helping clients learn to pay attention to the moment through mindfulness practices can help heal problems like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other common diagnoses. Complex mental health issues don’t disappear in day or a week, but there’s a rising tide of mindfulness being used […]

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Using Mindfulness to Heal Your Life

Basics of Minfulness Mindfulness is, basically, being in the present moment, without judgement. The point is that the present moment is the only one we have. Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment and Your Life, defines it as “…paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, as if your life […]

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Jung Godlen Flower Mandala

Anxiety and Synchronicity: Living in the Real World

The concept of synchronicity was initially posited by the psychoanalyst C. G. Jung as being an incident in our lives that reveals itself as a significant, or consequential, coincidence, which apparently has no causal relationship to one another yet seems to be, in fact, directly related. The psychic healer and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, claims […]

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Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Calm Anxiety

A person who lives life in the midst of chronic anxiety often suffers many trials in the course of an average day. Getting stuck in a traffic jam or being on a train that’s delayed may push a person with anxiety to thoughts of, “I’m late. I might lose my job if I don’t get […]

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