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Helen Fisher lecturing on personality types

The Neuroscience Behind Why We Love, Who We Choose and Partnership Happiness

In the area of partner compatibility, the work of Dr. Helen Fisher into the brain substrates of romantic love and attachment stands out as quite unique and phenomenally interesting. I would like to offer you a brief summary here. Dr. Fisher has spent decades taking brain scans of thousands of subjects, hoping to discover the […]

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Happy middle-aged couple

How to Succeed in Couples Therapy

What Makes Some Couples Therapies Succeed While Others Struggle to Make Progress I was recently interviewed by a graduate student who is working on designing an app to help couples enhance their satisfaction with their relationships. In an industry dominated with dating apps, he wondered why there were no apps helping people stay together and […]

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Entwined fingers of lovers with matching finger tatoos

What is Love?

Love may, at times, be a feeling of being romantically swept away. Love might be the heartfelt connection when you’re with your children or your extended family. It could be times with dear friends who have stood by you in times of trouble or joy. Maybe love is a feeling of compassion for the world […]

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Lovers in silhouette in front of starry sky scene

Secret to Lasting Love: Repair Emotional Bonds

Living by the ‘Laws of Love’ Can Help Couples Deepen Emotional and Physical Connection The partners in a couple have to discover experiences and create new feelings to replace old negative patterns. That discovery can heal and rejuvenate a romantic relationship. Old routines that have gotten a couple into a rut, or even into negative […]

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Couple at odds facing away in silhouette

Confronting the Reasons for an Affair Can Create a Healthier Relationship

Infidelity destroys trust in a relationship People have a deep need for trust, to know they are not alone. Trust helps a person deal with the ups and downs of daily life. So an affair can shatter the ground a person’s life is built on. The destructive choice to cheat may end some relationships that […]

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Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday Season Can Cause Stress The holiday season is upon us and with it, increased stress. Greeting cards and television programs make holiday events look so easy and careless; a fabulous meal, well-behaved family members, house guests with manners, gifts presented in flawless wrapping, and the list goes on.   How many times have we envisioned […]

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Love Hurts - red heart surrounded by rusty handcuffs

When Love Hurts

Love or Abuse? Sarah met John in school. Sarah was an undergrad and John was a PhD student. It was almost love at first sight. Sarah was thrilled to have met some one like John, handsome, smart and understanding. She was pretty, young and eager to be in a relationship. They had a lot in […]

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What is the impact of infertility?

As small children we role play as adults. We are explorers, teachers, doctors, police officers, presidents. Most often we are mommies and daddies. Children are socialized from the earliest moments to aspire to be like their parents and have children of their own. Occasionally, as children grow up to adults, they decide that they don’t […]

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The Safest Place to Hide From Marriage Might Be Parenthood

To watch the clip follow the link here:  Marriage scapegoats: Hiding behind your kids Hiding From Your Marriage By Diving into Parenthood The article profiles a book by David Code titled, To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First. Code suggests that there is a rising trend in parents avoiding marital conflict by focusing on parenting. […]

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Wisdom Through The Ages

How can we benefit and enrich our lives from the ideas of great thinkers in history? Can their writings from eons past in any way be relevant to our lives today? As you probably guessed, I am going to suggest that, yes, indeed they can.   Let me suggest a book called “The Consolations of […]

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