Karen Schwartz-Clover, MA, CCC-SLP

Karen Schwartz-Clover, MA, CCC-SLP

Karen Schwartz-Clover, MA, CCC-SLP

Private Practice
Story Teaching, LLC
Provide Social Cognitive and Speech and Language therapy services

Works with:
Teens and Young Adults with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger Syndrome, Speech and Language Disorder (SLD), Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder (SPCD)

Therapy Approach:
Individual therapy and small social competency groups

Get to Know:
I am a 20+ year veteran Speech-Language Pathologist and Social-Cognitive Therapist.

I spent twelve years working at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a Stanford teaching hospital, with adults and children with brain injuries and other neurological disorders. I also worked as a speech pathologist at The National Brain Injury Unit for the U.S. Military in Palo Alto and Menlo Park, California. In addition, I spent seven years working in public and non-public schools with students on the Autism Spectrum as well as with language-based communication challenges.

My philosophy is that every person has strengths and weaknesses. The best way to facilitate a person’s growth is to increase his awareness of those strengths and weaknesses and then build effective strategies.

We are in an age where to pursue a goal we need to be able to see the whole picture and its parts, sequence, prioritize, organize, problem solve, and communicate effectively. At this point in my career, I have a large integrated set of tools that address:

  • Social Competency Skills including, but not limited to, Friendship and Conversational Skills
  • Literacy and Language
  • Non-Verbal Communication (facial expression, tone of voice, proxemics)
  • Whole-Part Processing and Organization/Executive Functioning
  • Emotional Self-Regulation
  • Articulation
  • Auditory Processing and Comprehension

My specialties are Social Thinking and Language and Literacy.  Language and Literacy are connected because narrative language skills (the ability to tell a well-organized story) are highly predictive and affect reading comprehension and written expression. I marry language and literacy therapy with social thinking concepts because one needs social smarts to interpret information (whether that information is something you hear, see, or read). Also, one needs social smarts to communicate more effectively.

I work closely with parents, as well as with educators, to assure that my services support academic and social needs.

I love what I do because improved social competency skills positively impact a client’s overall quality of well-being.

Professional Training:

  • Michigan State University, MA- Speech Language Pathology
  • The University of Michigan, BS- Speech-Language Pathology, Psychology

ASHA license #:01114201
CA license #SP 20159
UT license #6801200-4102
NPI #1982072450
EIN #81-0922060

For more information, please contact me at 510-798-3056 or karensc111@gmail.com

How to Meet with A Therapist

Phone: 617-738-1480
Location1: 7 Kent Street Brookline, MA 02445
Location2: 1180 Beacon Street, Suite B, Brookline, MA
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