Children meditating in school - Dharma Primary School

Minfulness in School to Improve Concentration

Mindfulness for Students Can Improve Concentration and Regulate Emotions The waterfall of mindfulness training that’s pouring into sports, the military, mental health therapy and business has dipped down into younger generations. Mindfulness is in schools. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of quieting the mind to bring awareness and attention to the present moment. It’s increasingly being […]

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Benefits of Meditation: Brain Exercise

Can We Change Our Minds? No one doubts that we can improve our physical health by exercising regularly. We know that if we lift weights we will build muscles. We see them and feel them and know that change is occurring. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if mental health “exercises” were making tangible, physical […]

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Common perception of mental illness

Deconstructing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Deconstructing Stigma Travelers passing through Boston’s Logan International Airport this winter may add a few items to their carry-on bags, thanks to a public awareness campaign entitled Deconstructing Stigma: A Change in Thought Can Change a Life. In addition to their clothes and toiletries, travelers could be tucking into their luggage a change in perspective, […]

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Marriage: Understanding Another Person Who Is Imperfect

Marrying the ‘Wrong’ Person Can Be the ‘Right’ Choice Marriage still holds the dream, for so many of us, as the romantic partnership that will make our days loving and pleasant, with our future grounded in a friendship filled with laughter, transcendent moments and great sex. That dream may even include a couple of beautiful, […]

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Negative person

Halt Negative Thoughts by Accepting Them

Negative Thinking Begins to Dissolve with Acceptance If you lose your job or your sweetheart leaves you for your best friend or you regain the 10 pounds you lost by nearly starving yourself for two months, you’ll most likely have negative thoughts flooding in. That’s expected. These are upsetting developments. You’ll obsess about what’s wrong […]

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Reflections Peaceful Seascape Water Waterscape

Mindfulness Can Improve Well-Being

Mindfulness Basics to Improve Physical and Emotional Well-Being If you woke up this morning and immediately began listing in your mind the things you already won’t have time to complete, you’re not practicing mindfulness. If you gulped down your morning coffee, ate lunch at your desk and rushed through dinner, you were not practicing mindfulness. […]

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Lit candle balanced on palm

Downsides of Mindfulness Meditation Without Guidance

Mindfulness Meditation: The Good, the Bad and the Dangerous Mental health professionals and people around the globe have increasingly been embracing the positive benefits of mindfulness and guided meditation for several decades. But like all good things, there can be a down side. So beginners to mindfulness, especially those who browse online meditations and experiment […]

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Tranquil stack of white stones and perfect reflection

Mindfulness Can Help Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and More

Therapists Embrace Mindfulness to Complement Therapy Therapists are finding that helping clients learn to pay attention to the moment through mindfulness practices can help heal problems like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other common diagnoses. Complex mental health issues don’t disappear in day or a week, but there’s a rising tide of mindfulness being used […]

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Using Mindfulness to Heal Your Life

Basics of Minfulness Mindfulness is, basically, being in the present moment, without judgement. The point is that the present moment is the only one we have. Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment and Your Life, defines it as “…paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, as if your life […]

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Helen Fisher lecturing on personality types

The Neuroscience Behind Why We Love, Who We Choose and Partnership Happiness

In the area of partner compatibility, the work of Dr. Helen Fisher into the brain substrates of romantic love and attachment stands out as quite unique and phenomenally interesting. I would like to offer you a brief summary here. Dr. Fisher has spent decades taking brain scans of thousands of subjects, hoping to discover the […]

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