Many Faces of Our Mental Health Museum of Science Boston

Bold Exhibit to Dissolve Mental Health Stigma at Boston Museum of Science

The portraits of 99 people could have been taken off the walls of the family living room. Perhaps they were. They are mothers, fathers, children, teenagers, grandmothers, grandfathers, couples and military veterans. The trick – and it’s not really a trick- is that these portraits dare all of us to admit that we cannot tell […]

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A Close-up Look at Family Therapy

One Family’s Journey Through Family Therapy You get the feeling you’re in the room with two therapists and the Brice family  trying to make their home more peaceful in the book The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy by therapists Augustus Napier and Carl Whitaker. It’s the detailed story of a family of […]

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Pensive couple in love

Keys to Keeping Love and Delight Alive

Love at First Sight Two people fall in love and want to live together. They may have fallen in love at first sight or been pulled along by the current of “chemistry.” Sometimes friends and family try to convince the lovers that this kind of rather unrealistic, illogical love won’t last. Love as a Meeting […]

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Intimate Couple

It’s Not Just About Sex: Reaching for Soul Deep Intimacy

Mark and Stacey found themselves, after just two years of marriage, facing an all-too-common issue – a difference in sexual desire that created confusion and resentment. Therapist Richard Schwartz said in counseling this couple, as with all couples, it’s important to take a few steps back and reflect on the bigger picture – how the […]

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Many Shades of Depression

Depression: One Illness with Many Manifestations Depression may be one illness, with a defined set of criteria, but it takes many different manifestations. The experience of depression is as unique as the 300 million people across the world who suffer from it – a number that is ever rising. Difficult to articulate in words, it’s […]

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Anorexia: The Reality Of Inpatient When You Want To Be Well

Eating disorders are complex illnesses, which makes the treatment of them hard. This is the experience of one individual struggling to recover, told through the lens of one morning on an inpatient ward in England. Desperate to recover, she was struggling to eat enough to do just that. A battle in her head became a […]

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Depression: Personal Perspectives

I’m So Depressed Every now and then I hear say; “I’m so depressed”, or “I’ve really felt depressed lately, and just don’t know what to do.” I don’t think that person really knows what the words means. For people like me, who live with depression it feels as if someone is just saying the words. […]

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Histories of Individual Therapy

There are many different schools and styles  of therapy. But, consistently it has proven that the quality of the relationship between counselor and client is critical to the successful outcome regardless of the approach. Trust, safety, willingness to take risks and explore difficult terrain requires a special connection. Here are some individual experiences with the […]

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Living with Trauma and PTSD

Living With PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD affects millions of people around the globe. Some people recover quickly, while others cope with it for many years. There are many ways to experience PTSD, but people often have nightmares, flashbacks to the original trauma, difficulty coping with daily tasks, and other physical symptoms such as […]

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Living With Anxiety – Patient Stories

What does it feel like to live with the anxiety? For some people, it’s never-ending worry.  For some it’s panic in certain situations, while for others it’s like listening to a recurring audio loop of doom and gloom.  As the following stories illustrate, whatever the form of anxiety, there are tools that can help people […]

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