Colleges Increasing Support for Students with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression Increasing in College Students College may be an adventure, a transition to independence and an opportunity for many kinds of enjoyment. But the pressures of juggling daily life, academics and even problems with their families back home, like a job loss or an illness, can push some college students into increased anxiety […]

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Positive Psychology: Increasing the 5 Elements of True Happiness

The Secrets of True Happiness The secret to being truly happy in life comes from five basic elements. That’s the view of Martin Seligman, a leading expert in “Positive Psychology.” He has discovered through extensive research that these five basic ingredients give life balance, joy and meaning. Seligman calls this state of mental health “flourishing.” […]

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Happy woman holding umbrella leping in front of yellow wall

Strategies to Enhance Your Mood

5 Simple Strategies to Get Out of a Bad Mood When anxiety, depression or some other negative mood threatens to put a shadow over your day, remember that people just like you have found ways to chase that darkness away or simply let it go by. These strategies may not provide a long-term solution for […]

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Group of high school boys bullying another student

Teaching Empathy to Prevent Bullying

Sticks and stones may break my bones, But names will never harm me. — English proverb Sticks and Stones: Verbal Bullying is Harmful You’ve heard this adage before. For generations, parents have said this when their children complained about being called names by their peers. It’s a singsong response to emphasize one point to children […]

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Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence was introduced to mainstream culture in 1995 when psychologist Daniel Goleman presented it in his best-selling book Emotional Intelligence. Goleman defined emotional intelligence (or EQ for emotional quotient) as a person’s ability to recognize their emotions, control impulses, understand other people’s emotions, and build social relationships. Emotional intelligence matters […]

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Elerly man dancing in street procession while wearing cap and gown

How to Keep Your Brain Young

Optimism for Aging: 94-year-old Scientist a Role Model for an Alert Mind If you don’t want to plan for being old, rickety, forgetful and sitting in your rocking chair as the sun sets on your life, look to robust elders like John Goodenough, a 94-year-old scientist at the University of Texas Austin. Goodenough co-invented the […]

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Shattered image of depressed teen

Teen Depression is Increasing Across the Country

Teen Depression Increasing Faster than Treatment Teenagers are expected to be irritable at times and often defiant as they develop independence and struggle to create their own identity. But the increasing rate of depression among teens seems to be something more than common moodiness that comes with adolescence and the shift to young adulthood. The […]

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4 Steps to Happiness

4 Ways to Add More Happiness to Your Life Feeling satisfied and happy with life takes more than just reducing worry, anxiety and stress – that’s the perspective of positive psychology expert Martin Seligman. His view is that happiness can be a fleeting emotion, but the longer-term goal is to find contentment and purpose in […]

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Meditating Boy with Red Umbrella

Meditation Types – Choose Your Style of Meditation

Which Type of Meditation Should I Choose? Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Although no one knows exactly when it began, variations of the practice were recorded in India, China, and Japan around 1500 BCE. Today, there are dozens of different styles of meditation – so many that it can be hard to […]

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Thought Patterns That Keep Us From Meditating

3 Thoughts that Keep Us from Meditating Meditation is the practice of “cultivating” our minds to be aware of our experiences as they happen and to gain an understanding of how our minds function. There is a bit of a paradox involved in the effort, however. While practicing meditation can help us train our minds […]

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