Anindita Bhaumik, LICSW

Anindita Bhaumik

Anindita Bhaumik, LICSW

 a Certified Trauma Professional

Anindita Bhaumik is a Certified Trauma Professional

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Therapy Approach

I strongly believe that establishing a warm, trusting relationship between the therapist and the client is crucial. My approach is empathic, holistic and non-judgmental. I use a relational framework as well as down to earth psychotherapy techniques so that one can not only connect but also feel comfortable enough to unburden and heal.

I work with adults, couples, the elderly, teenagers and families facing a wide range of challenges and assist them to connect with their inner strength.

I understand that faith and spirituality can be a source of support for many at times of need so I am open to discussing faith/ spiritual resources that can facilitate one’s journey to wellness.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Years of experience in working with individuals facing mental health challenges like bipolar, borderline personality disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, depression and many others.
  • I specialize in working with teens who are depressed and have resorted to self-injurious behaviors as well as suicidal tendencies.
  • Years of experience working with women, children and families caught in the vicious cycle of domestic and family violence. Leaving an abusive relationship is difficult as many are trauma bonded with their abusers. I assist such individuals in their quest for emotional freedom and personal safety.
  • I assist adult survivors of child sexual abuse, incest survivors, as well as survivors of rape.
  • I work with teens and young adults who are questioning their sexuality and have issues coming out to their parents and families. I help guide them through the process, making it easier for both the individual as well as the families to relate to each other in a respectful and understanding way.
  • I have extensive experience working with individuals and couples facing infertility issues, infidelity, lack of intimacy and marital separation.
  • I specialize in working with women in transition, facing separation, menopause, changes related to aging and empty nest. Migration trauma is often ignored and not talked about. Using strength-based perspectives, I create a welcoming space for individuals to talk about their experiences and take pride in their accomplishments.

Areas of Specialization

I specialize in working with victims of domestic violence, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, incest and couples going through infidelity issues as well as with children who have witnessed domestic violence growing up. In other words I work well with victims of trauma. I use trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and use tools like books, pictures toys to work with children as well as adults.

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