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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and What Makes it So Darn Effective? If you have paid even a little bit of attention to the language of psychotherapy and personal improvement in recent days, chances are you have heard about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and how it has become the preferred method of treatment by many […]

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Spark Your Emotional Recovery with Exercise

Exercise Has Emotional Benefits Most of us are aware of the physical benefits of exercise. Lower blood pressure,  controlled weight, increased endurance etc. But less well known are the emotional benefits. Regular Exercise Can Improve Depression Decreased anxiety, improved sleep, greater self-confidence  and a renewed appreciation for the natural world are also attainable. Our concept […]

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Tips for Happiness Videos with Dan Brown PhD

Several of BETA staff attended an intensive conference in Boston to learn the latest techniques on meditation, visualization and peak performance practices for every day life. My colleague, Wayne Kessler and I interviewed Dr. Dan Brown, the conference speaker, on topics such as the role of the psychotherapist in the spiritual and personal development of […]

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The Power of Choice in How We Think

We choose how we think. How we think about ourselves, our life and our worth. At first blush, this seems Pollyanna, or just plain wrong. Our thought patterns, particularly when they relate to how we feel and think about ourselves and our circumstances certainly must be “automatic” “natural” and most importantly uncontrollable. The idea of […]

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How to spot “The Right” Therapist

The good news is that although therapists you may encounter will have a wide range of clinical orientations, levels of education and training, years of experience in the field or high praise from other professionals, your interaction with a therapist is foremost a human relationship. We are innately wired to relate to others and interactions, […]

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Life Lessons from Dad…written by Jules Giggie

Father’s day is normally considered a celebratory occasion filled with the requisite grilled dinner, gifts, and so on.  But this year, it evokes a life lesson my late father passed on, and how it sustained me on Marathon Monday. For me, the best part of the Boston Marathon is the spirit of fellowship and togetherness […]

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Anxiety Treatment with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Anxiety Treatment with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Video

We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat anxiety. How CBT works: repetitive negative thoughts influence choices. The patient is encouraged to identify actions which help bring negative feelings to life. As these actions and ideas are enhanced and promoted in therapy the negative and destructive choices weaken and dissipate. Discussed by Aaron Gilbert of Boston […]

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Anxiety: How Mindfulness Psychotherapy Can Help – Video

The anxious mind trains itself to generate worry and fear. Psychotherapy can help the patient learn how anxiety is generated by the mind. In mindfulness therapy, the patient learns to notice the anxious thoughts and feelings without fixating on them – to allow them to pass. Discussed by Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy, Brookline, […]

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Daniel Amen at Tedx

Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist with an innovate approach to treating psychiatric symptoms by first examining clients’ brain activity using a SPECT scan. He feels this is the only way one can truly determine the best treatment approach and explains his rationale in this very interesting and enlightening video:

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