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The Power of Choice in How We Think

We choose how we think. How we think about ourselves, our life and our worth. At first blush, this seems Pollyanna, or just plain wrong. Our thought patterns, particularly when they relate to how we feel and think about ourselves and our circumstances certainly must be “automatic” “natural” and most importantly uncontrollable. The idea of choosing to think differently must therefore be contrived, fake and unnatural.

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How to spot “The Right” Therapist

The good news is that although therapists you may encounter will have a wide range of clinical orientations, levels of education and training, years of experience in the field or high praise from other professionals, your interaction with a therapist is foremost a human relationship. We are innately wired to relate to others and interactions, particularly intense ones which therapy typically engenders result in strong reactions either positive or negative. A positive rapport usually leads to trust and trust is the key to success in therapy. So in this difficult choice, I suggest you take the George W. Bush approach and “trust your gut”. This works great for interpersonal relationships, for domestic and world policy making…. not so much.

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