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How to Balance the 3 Major Relationships in Life

Integrating Our Lives: Work, Self and Relationships In our 24/7 society, staying busy with work, family, relationships, home and community to the point of exhaustion is often viewed as a sign of success. In the long run, this overwhelming “busy-ness” can cause problems like anxiety or sleep disorders, as well as relationship issues. Trying to […]

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Self-knowledge Mask Anonymous Knowledge

Finding the Right Therapist

Finding the Therapist Who is a Best Match for You The three most important things to consider when choosing a therapist are trust, comfort level and professional qualifications. Every person will seek counseling for specific reasons, and each person has a unique and complex past and personal story. So your goal is to do some […]

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FMRI Brain scan

Mindfulness Can Change Brain Patterns of Depression

Research using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, at Harvard Medical School shows that for some people with depression, the brain patterns that occur with mindfulness meditation continue during other activities. That’s a promising discovery in the continuing efforts to explore options or complementary treatments for depression, along with psychotherapy or medication. Harvard neuroscientist Gaëlle Desbordes […]

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How Meditation Can Help Us Let Go of “Perfection”

“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying Yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” Tara Brach Letting Go of Perfection with Mindfulness There is a strange paradox in the ideas we hold for ourselves in terms of perfection. On the one hand, when we expect nothing less of ourselves than perfection, we […]

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perfect waterdropdrop reflection

Developing Insight Through Mindfulness Meditation

Insight Meditation One of characteristics of mindfulness meditation that makes it different from other forms of meditation is insight. Sometimes called Vipassana or insight meditation, mindfulness meditation moves beyond calming the mind to observing how it functions. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfulness meditation “is the embrace of any and all mind states, without preferring one […]

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Sad Teen sitting alone on bench

Help Prevent Youth Suicide

Some Reasons for Teen Suicide Still a Mystery After several teen suicides in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, where most young people have good schools, nice homes and bright futures, parents were grieving and searching for answers. One of the high school boys who took his own life during a 2009 through […]

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Emma Gonzalez addresses gun control rally in Parkland FL

Female Rage: Using Anger for Positive Change

How to Transform Sadness, Rage and Righteous Anger There’s a psychological theory offered by Freud that “depression is anger turned inward.” That notion comes from Freud’s paper “Mourning and Melancholia.” With scientific leaps in understanding the brain, that theory about the relationship between anger and depression continues to be debated and questioned. Personal experience resolved […]

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Saving Talk Therapy

One Psychologist’s Mission To Save Talk Therapy

Saving Talk Therapy: An Essential Form of Healing Talk therapy can be a rambling conversation when a person shares distressing life experiences, hopes, dreams and troubles in a jumbled way. That’s exactly why it’s an essential form of healing that helps people move forward in their lives, says psychologist Enrico Gnaulati, author of “Saving Talk […]

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Grief statue

Taking Time to Grieve

Allowing the Pain of Grief to Take Its Time Loss is part of life. Losing a loved one sets off the experience of grief in different ways for each person, and honoring that individual process is the best way to deal with it in ourselves and others. Our culture isn’t quite comfortable with grief. In […]

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teen girl absorbed in smartphone

Teen Suicide Linked to Smartphone Use

A disturbing increase in teen depression and suicide is being linked to their use of smartphones. A new study has found that these troubling mental health issues rose suddenly beginning in 2012, according to Jean Twenge, one of the researchers on the project. That year marks the the time when more than 50 percent of […]

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