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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! By Evan LaBarre, Professional Trainer

                 Contributed by Evan LaBarre   With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, Christmas and New Years fast approaching now is the time that pretty much every health and fitness professional starts blogging about, New Year’s resolutions, goal setting, and making personal changes. As a personal trainer and wellness […]

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Why Start Therapy?

The process of starting psychotherapy or counseling can be a nerve-wracking one. Sometimes entering into therapy carries stereotypes. It can challenge our sense of independence, that maybe we don’t need another person’s help (and a stranger at that). It can also be labeled as something that only “crazy” or “troubled” people do, or people with […]

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Worry: Trouble Between Parents and Teens

I sometimes work with parents who struggle with their children’s behavior, especially teens. These parents are often in regular conflict with their son or daughter, and may complain that their child is ‘lazy’, ‘irresponsible’, ‘makes bad choices’, ‘won’t listen to me/us’, ‘just doesn’t get it’, or even ‘just doesn’t care’. When teens take a turn for the scary, parents worry.   Worry, […]

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Women and relationships: Should I stay or should I go?

Many women are searching for romantic relationships that provide love, acceptance, respect, desire, emotional security, passion and intimacy, and understanding. These are building blocks of what is perceived as a “healthy” relationship. Why then, do women everywhere, choose to stay in relationships that no longer meet these basic needs? Several factors may contribute to this […]

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Meditation, Visualization, Peak Performance and Happiness Videos

Few therapists have such a mastery of either Eastern or Western therapeutic and personal growth practices as Dan Brown, PhD, let alone both. Boston Evening Therapy Associates (BETA) therapists recently attended an intensive conference in the technique of meditation and visualization and the attainment of peak performance in every day life. Our clinic Director, Aaron […]

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Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce affect a high percentage of families and the most important thing that a parent can do, once divorce occurs, is to recognize that the process affects the whole family in various, individualized ways. To help children cope wth divorce studies show that a solid support system ensures better adjustment. Children do best when both […]

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