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Platter of fruits and vegetables

Mindful Eating

Credit: Wikipedia Dieting Can Make You Fat For people who have tried every diet that’s grabbed national attention, lost a few pounds and often gained back a few extra, the…
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Man lighting cigarette at night

How to Break Bad Habits

Credit: Pixabay Breaking the Bad Habit Loop When something that seems pleasurable in the beginning begins to dominate a person’s life and interfere with their physical and mental health, the…
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Anxious teen girl

Helping Teenage Girls with Anxiety

Credit: wikimedia Anxiety Crisis Among Teen Girls Teenage girls are carrying more than their fair share of 21st Century angst. The reasons are complex and researchers continue to explore this…
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Cluttered living room

Clutter is Stressful

Credit: pixabay Decluttering Can Reduce Stress Research is finding that clutter is more than just pile of mail unopened, laundry unfolded, or “precious” trinkets gathering dust on shelves around the…
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