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Helping Teenage Girls with Anxiety

Anxiety Crisis Among Teen Girls Teenage girls are carrying more than their fair share of 21st Century angst. The reasons are complex and researchers continue to explore this anxiety among teenage girls that’s become a crisis. We already know some troubling facts. Psychologist Lisa Damour, author of Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress & […]

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Helping a Loved One with Depression

Finding Ways to Help with Depression Depression in someone we love is difficult to observe and even more challenging to deal with. We have a tendency to want our husband, wife, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, brother, sister or beloved friend to “cheer up” and go out and live life. But depression, by definition, […]

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Ending Your Smartphone Addiction

Hung Up on Your Smartphone? If you’re worried about missing a text message on your cell phone or not knowing your friends’ minute-by-minute postings on Facebook or you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, if might be time for you to admit you’re hooked. So many of us joke about being […]

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Clutter is Stressful

Decluttering Can Reduce Stress Research is finding that clutter is more than just pile of mail unopened, laundry unfolded, or “precious” trinkets gathering dust on shelves around the house. While these elements of clutter may be just a sign of things “to do” in a busy life, the collection of “stuff” can have a psychological […]

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Mindful Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion Is Good for Mental Health Self-compassion simply means treating yourself with the same kindness and understanding you offer to a beloved family member, a friend or a colleague at work. Many people tend to be much harder on themselves than on others. Some people mistakenly equate self-compassion with self-pity or weakness. That’s a misconception. […]

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Increase Your Emotional Resilience

How to Be More Resilient Life is full of challenging and sometimes traumatic circumstances that arise whether you are young or old, rich or poor, urban or rural. The psychological strength that gives a person the ability to experience the death of a loved one, loss of a job, violence, serious illness, divorce or financial […]

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The Growing Problem of Insomnia

Growing Recognition of the Problem of Insomnia “Insomnia is increasingly being recognized as an important condition that is detrimental to health,” according to Dieter Riemann, a professor of clinical psychophysiology at the University of Freiburg Medical Centre in Germany. “Research over the last 20 or so years has demonstrated that insomnia is a risk factor […]

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Connecting with Nature Helps Develop Mindfulness

Research on mindfulness continues to expand, with studies around the world finding that this ability to be in the moment, without judgement, improves psychological well-being. Now research is showing that one of the most accessible ways to develop mindfulness is by connecting with nature. And as we develop mindfulness, we can be more connected to […]

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Revising Your Attachment Style To Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Attachment Style Determined by Early Relationships Emotional security and our ability to love are shaped by our earliest intimate relationships, most substantially by interactions between mother and child. These interactions continue to be explored in a foundation of contemporary psychotherapy called “attachment theory.” In his highly regarded book, Attachment in Psychotherapy, David Wallin offers the […]

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Expressing Gratitude Makes Us Happier

Scientists Show Gratitude Improves Our Lives A neuroscientist at Northeastern University in Boston says scientific evidence proves feeling thankful and expressing gratitude improves our personal and professional relationships and in the long-run makes us happier. Psychology Professor David DeSteno is the author of “Emotional Success: The Power of Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride.” “Beautiful evolutionary models […]

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