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Going Off Bipolar Drugs

The Fragile Path of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs Thousands of people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, social anxiety and other mental health conditions have been able to function better in daily life with the help of prescription drugs. But the story of a young woman from a socially elite family, who went […]

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Changes in Empathy in Bipolar Disorder

The Relationship between Bipolar Disorder and Empathy Some people who live with the depression and mania of bipolar disorder report feeling extreme empathy. On the other hand, research has found that some individuals with bipolar disorder express less empathy than is generally considered common. These contradictory findings point to the reality that while bipolar disorder […]

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The Bipolar Experience

How Bipolar Disorder Feels: Normal Feelings Become Extreme and Unmanageable Everyone has days when they feel energetic and the world seems to be smiling upon them. We all have the other types of days, when obstacles seem to appear at every step to make us irritable, our energy level drops and we just feel down. […]

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The Complex Line between Sadness and Depression

When Does Sadness Qualify as Depression The questions about the causes of depression and how to treat this common and disabling mental health disorder continue. When does sadness last so long that it’s diagnosed as a major depressive disorder? Generally, two weeks, but in terms of loss of a loved one, two months, or perhaps […]

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Take a Vacation for Mental Health

Science Says Take A Vacation Research can now back you up when you say you need a vacation. Mental health professionals say the change of pace and different scenery can have a positive effect on your outlook on life, productivity and creativity. Science is getting more serious about the important health impacts of a vacation. […]

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Effects of Multitasking on Mental Health

Multitasking Can be Bad for Your Mental Health For a while, it was considered positive to be able to multitask. The idea was that people could take on our 24/7 society and be more productive by doing two things at a time, like sending emails while watching TV, or texting plans for tomorrow while doing […]

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The Mental Health Epidemic Among College Students

Rising Anxiety in College Students Fueling Mental Health Problems College students are in the vortex of changing times and few certainties. So it’s no wonder mental health professionals and college administrators have realized there’s an ‘epidemic’ on campuses. This epidemic doesn’t involve germs or vaccinations. It’s a mental health epidemic that arises from confusion, complex […]

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SAD in the Summer: Other Forms of Seasonal Depression

SAD Can Occur in the Summer Too While many people bask in the beauty of summer’s long days, green leaves and colorful flowers, some who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, during the darkness of the winter months are also hit with depression during the warm season. Understanding depression may be difficult, even unimaginable, […]

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Finding Your Purpose in Life for Better Mental Health

A Sense of Purpose Improves Health If you want to keep depression and anxiety out of your life, find your purpose. Research shows that having a purpose in life will also help you be physically healthier and live longer. A purpose or mission in life is determined solely by you, because its meaning must resonate […]

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Urban Design Affects Mental Health

Landscape Influences Mental Health It’s important to be aware of, and responsible for, our individual mental health and do whatever we can to create positive relationships and function well in our work and family life. But there’s a broader perspective on how to nourish mental health and that’s in the design of the community we […]

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