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Rewiring the Anxious Mind

Learning to Change the Anxious Mind When I walked into yoga class that night, it was wall-to-wall mats. Each person had a journal, a packet of handouts, and a pen. Not common materials for a yoga class, but this was no ordinary yoga class. This was the beginning of a six-week series called Rewiring the […]

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Climate Change Depression, Climate Grief & Climate Despair

The Rise of Climate Depression Every day seems to bring another news story about climate change. Floods, tornados, and wildfires race across our screens; reports on species extinctions, ocean pollution, and rising sea levels come fast and furious. Before we can process one event, along comes another. The constant barrage of these stories had led […]

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Thyroid Scan

Depressed or Anxious? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Thyroid Conditions Can Mimic Mental Health Problems Have you been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a health professional? Are you taking prescription medication to ease symptoms and still not feeling great? If you haven’t had your thyroid checked recently, you may want to ask your medical professional to run blood tests to measure your […]

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Avoiding Corrosive Behaviors in Relationships

What John Gottman’s Research Can Teach Us About Relationships No one wants to be in a bad relationship. We want our romantic partnerships to be emotionally healthy, mutually supportive, loving, and fulfilling. Good relationships take a lot of work. It requires patience, effort, and skill to behave in ways that support a healthy relationship. Skills […]

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messy room cartoon

What I Learned from Decluttering My Home

Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere The piles were everywhere. Magazines, mail, school papers, kids’ artwork, books- there wasn’t a level surface anywhere in our house that didn’t have “stuff” on it. And every time I walked by one of these piles, I could feel myself tensing up and the cortisol levels in my body soaring. I tried […]

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Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

How Light Therapy Can Help SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) In the cold, dark months of winter many of us feel a little sluggish and a little blue. The change in sunlight certainly affects most people to some degree, but for some people the decrease in sunlight hours marks the start of a yearly depression, called […]

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Group of high school boys bullying another student

Teaching Empathy to Prevent Bullying

Sticks and stones may break my bones, But names will never harm me. — English proverb Sticks and Stones: Verbal Bullying is Harmful You’ve heard this adage before. For generations, parents have said this when their children complained about being called names by their peers. It’s a singsong response to emphasize one point to children […]

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Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence was introduced to mainstream culture in 1995 when psychologist Daniel Goleman presented it in his best-selling book Emotional Intelligence. Goleman defined emotional intelligence (or EQ for emotional quotient) as a person’s ability to recognize their emotions, control impulses, understand other people’s emotions, and build social relationships. Emotional intelligence matters […]

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