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Techniques to Handle Anxiety or Chronic Worry

Often, clients come into therapy looking for specific ways to handle their anxiety or chronic worry. I recently listened to a training session on anxiety through The Psychotherapy Networker, and I want to share some points that I found especially useful in my therapeutic work. Explore the Advantages of Letting Go of Anxiety David Burns, […]

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Breathing as a Coping Strategy During Panic Attacks

Breathing. It can sound so simple, yet with practice, this can be an incredible resource. There are a number of breathing strategies you can try to help with anxiety, and below are a few that I have found especially beneficial for my clients. Overbreathing Associated with Panic But first you may ask: Why use breathing […]

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Active and Constructive Communication

Using Positive Psychology in Relationships Martin Seligman, who studies the science of happiness, states that positive psychology is interested in how to turn a good relationship into an excellent one, not just how to turn an insufferable relationship to a barely tolerable one. One way of strengthening your relationships is celebrating your partner’s achievements by […]

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Creating a Solid Foundation to Your Relationship

John Gottman, a researcher who studies marital stability, found that in order to create happiness with an intimate partner, it is not enough to simply get rid of negative behaviors, but to build in behaviors that accentuate the positive and reduce the impact of the negative. Gottman explains that love has to be nurtured and […]

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Loving-Kindness Meditation

Increasing Positive Emotions with Metta Meditation A few years back, I went to a wonderful 5-day retreat where I learned a powerful form of meditation. I believe this practice has had a strong impact on my own practice, as well as with my clients in individual and group therapy. Loving-kindness meditation, also known as metta […]

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