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Epidemic of Anxiety in Children My experience as a clinician in private practice supports the statistics that indicate that anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in many countries, as 85% of my caseload consists of clients with anxiety. Furthermore, my past experience as a child and family clinician in a community health care setting, supports the […]

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On Parenting & One Young Father’s Perspective

I worked for several years with a non-profit community agency whose mission was to promote the optimal health and development of children and families. The foundational belief was that the parent-child relationship is the most critical factor in the development of emotional, cognitive, physical and social health of children. Developing Bonds of Attachment in Young […]

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The Safest Place to Hide From Marriage Might Be Parenthood

To watch the clip follow the link here:  Marriage scapegoats: Hiding behind your kids Hiding From Your Marriage By Diving into Parenthood The article profiles a book by David Code titled, To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First. Code suggests that there is a rising trend in parents avoiding marital conflict by focusing on parenting. […]

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