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Ending Your Smartphone Addiction

Hung Up on Your Smartphone? If you’re worried about missing a text message on your cell phone or not knowing your friends’ minute-by-minute postings on Facebook or you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, if might be time for you to admit you’re hooked. So many of us joke about being […]

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Teen video game addiction

Talking with a Teen About Video Game Obsessions: Respectful Communication Helps

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to both the blessing and the curse of technology. They’ve probably been using computers, cell phones and other tech gear since about age three, so they’re well-prepared to function and earn a living in the 21st Century. Many have also enjoyed video games, while some teens may have succumbed to the […]

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AA Abstinence vs Therapy, Medication and Drinking in Moderation

Many of us have met a person who self-identifies as “an alcoholic” or “a recovering alcoholic” and offers how long he or she has been sober. Many testify to the life-saving nature of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some attend AA meetings for decades and find a lifelong, balanced path in the faith-based philosophy and emotional support of […]

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Recognizing True Hunger and Eating What Your Body Wants Offered As One Path to Ending the Vicious Cycle of Dieting

The joy of food, with its colors, textures, tastes and nourishment, and the pleasure of sharing it with friends, family or coworkers has become a complex activity in the past several decades. Can there be a clearer sign of a person in conflict with mind and body than lifting a fork to begin a delicious […]

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Online Addictions

Online Addictions of Gaming, Gambling, Shopping and Sex Grow as the Digital World Digs Deeper Into Daily Life While the familiar addictions of drugs and alcohol remain a life-threatening shadow for many, the Internet has lured some people along new avenues for addiction, including gaming, gambling, shopping and sex. The virtual/digital world that is now […]

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