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Digital Device Use Linked to ADHD in Teens

Frequent Use of Digital Devices Linked to ADHD in Teens A new study has found that teenagers who spend a lot of time on digital devices like smartphones checking social media and text messaging are more at-risk of developing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. The results of the two-year study by a team of […]

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Forgetfulness: Alzheimer’s or ADHD?

Forgetfulness in Mature Adults May be ADHD, not Alzheimer’s If you’ve misplaced your keys or forgotten what someone said to you 15 minutes ago, don’t panic. These may be common occurrences that frighten mature adults and their families. They may wonder, even jokingly, if they’re getting Alzheimer’s. Now there’s growing body of thinking on what […]

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Drug Free Approaches to Childhood ADHD

Embracing Curiosity Can Bring Out the Best in Kids with ADHD Kids will be kids and when left to choose their own activities, most of them probably wouldn’t sit in a chair at a desk for six or seven hours a day, even with breaks for lunch or gym. They’d even be less inclined to […]

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I was first introduced to Narrative Therapy in graduate school and its beliefs and core values resonated strongly with my own. I was fortunate to attend a workshop with one of its founders, the late Michael White during which he shared several video recordings of his own therapy sessions with clients. I was in awe! […]

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Adults with ADHD

Grief of Lost Dreams for Adults with ADHD Healed through Self-Compassion

There often comes an “Aha!” moment for some adults newly diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder when they realize what the teacher in first grade meant with the note , “He could be doing so much better” or “She could be doing so much more.” With that adult understanding frequently comes grief for lost relationships, […]

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ADHD On the Rise

ADHD On The Rise in the United States More and more parents come to me, with their children in tow, asking for help with ADHD.  They are often perplexed that their children can be hyper-focused on a computer game or “glued to Facebook but can’t pay attention or concentrate in school.”  The question has been […]

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