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Revising Your Attachment Style To Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Attachment Style Determined by Early Relationships Emotional security and our ability to love are shaped by our earliest intimate relationships, most substantially by interactions between mother and child. These interactions continue to be explored in a foundation of contemporary psychotherapy called “attachment theory.” In his highly regarded book, Attachment in Psychotherapy, David Wallin offers the […]

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Video Discussion of Attachment Theory: Adult Experiences Can Influence Attachment Style

Aaron Gilbert and Michael Foran of Boston Evening Therapy Associates discuss how adult social interactions can have positive effects on attachment styles. People who grow up in a dysfunctional families often have attachment styles which result in poor quality, untrusting social relationships. Friendships, adult mentors, and intimate relationships can reframe the way we perceive relationships and […]

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Video – Attachment Theory and Attachment Styles Behind Attachment Therapy

In this video voiceover, Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy describes the basics of Attachment Theory, explaining how secure and insecure attachment patterns form during childhood in response to their relationship to their caregivers. Attachment patterns carry over into adulthood. Recognizing and changing our attachment pattern is the basis of attachment informed psychotherapy, a practical […]

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Video Introduction to Attachment Theory — Childhood Relationship Patterns Carry Over Into Adulthood

A video introduction to attachment theory by Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy Associates. The role of attachment theory in psychotherapy — the patterns of forming relationships learned in childhood carry over into adulthood, and therapy can improve relationship skills by examining and challenging those established patterns.   See more videos and posts about Attachment […]

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Attachment Theory: How We Connect to Others and To Ourselves

Attachment Theory – Early Bonds Set the Pattern of Relationships in Our Lives Attachment Theory is based on the belief that humans and other animals are biologically wired to connect with others and that the attachment patterns established in early childhood tend to persist throughout life. In this way, the early bonds with a parent […]

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The Here and Now: Relationships In the Making

Understanding Adult Relationships Through Early Childhood Attachments Human connection and intimacy (attachment) are essential for all human beings. In my work as a psychotherapist, I am often inspired by the narratives of clients in their desire and work towards strengthening their bonds with others, but most importantly with themselves. I often remind clients that the […]

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