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Rising Above Personality Disorder: The Creativity of Sylvia Plath

Creativity of Writer Sylvia Plath Rises above Her Personality Disorder The powerful, incisive writing of Sylvia Plath is often overshadowed by her personal story of emotional highs and lows that led to her suicide at age 30, when her writing career was at a peak. “Plath’s poetry, and not her death, was her triumphant fulfillment,” […]

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Psychotherapist patient interaction

Stories of Working through Mental Illness Offer Insight to Therapists and Clients

Working Through Mental Illness Psychologist Ellen Holtzman has a practice in Wakefield, Mass. and often works with clients who have anxiety. The psychologist reviews the anti-anxiety medication one client is taking, and though it’s often effective for many people, it seems less effective for Ann, her client. Holtzman and Ann work with cognitive behavioral therapy, […]

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7 Lessons about the Nature of Mental Illness Suggested by Deliberate Airplane Crash

The co-pilot who deliberately crashed a Germanwings airplane into the French Alps in March has forced the international spotlight to focus on the difficult question of whether medical treatment for depression should be reported, particularly if actions of the patient could endanger the lives of others. The issue has become a life-and-death question since the […]

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Anxiety a Sign Growth is Happening in Patients with Sense of Self Problems

For people with psychological problems, particularly for those who do not feel their emotions, getting better depends on coping with anxiety. Trouble spots generate anxiety and may cause patients to want to change therapists or medications. That can be turning away at the critical point when healing is beginning to happen. “It is counterintuitive to […]

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The Phenomenology of Severe Mental Illness

Boundary Intrusions Can Leave Patients with Overwhelming Sense of Assault

When someone with serious mental illness starts to experience an emotion, vulnerable ego boundaries may leave that person actually feeling assaulted and in distress. One clinician with more than four decades of experience believes the problem is not the emotion, but the sense of invasion the person perceives as the emotion arises within. “It is this […]

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BPD: Emptiness and the Inability to Feel Emotions

People with sense of self issues are often unable to feel emotions. They may lack clarity about what “emotions” or “feelings” are and where in the body they are experienced. That vagueness about feelings may be more common than many people realize. “In our culture we tend to use ‘feeling’ for all sorts of experiences,” […]

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Emptiness - Man on Middle of Empty Pier

Emptiness a Symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder & Other Mental Disorders

While the concept of “emptiness” has received increasing attention as a symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder, one Boston-area therapist concludes that this experience can be deep and horrific for patients and often underestimated by clinicians. Recognizing the intensity of “the big empty” or “the dead zone” can help therapists understand and work with the reality […]

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