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Group of high school boys bullying another student

Teaching Empathy to Prevent Bullying

Sticks and stones may break my bones, But names will never harm me. — English proverb Sticks and Stones: Verbal Bullying is Harmful You’ve heard this adage before. For generations, parents have said this when their children complained about being called names by their peers. It’s a singsong response to emphasize one point to children […]

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Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence was introduced to mainstream culture in 1995 when psychologist Daniel Goleman presented it in his best-selling book Emotional Intelligence. Goleman defined emotional intelligence (or EQ for emotional quotient) as a person’s ability to recognize their emotions, control impulses, understand other people’s emotions, and build social relationships. Emotional intelligence matters […]

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Kids and parents in mini convertible car shot from above

How to Connect with Your Child – Just Be with Them

‘Being’ is More Important than ‘Doing’ with Your Children Children are often overloaded with unrelenting schedules of school, homework, sports and community activities in our accomplishment-oriented culture. Not to mention the 24/7 Internet invasion of personal “down time,” if there is such a thing as “down time” any more. Being connected and texting all day, […]

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Anxious child hiding behind parent's shoulder

Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults

How Parents Can Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults The freedom and playfulness of just being a child has declined over the past several decades. That loss of play is having a negative effect on the emotional development of our young people and “..has led to a rise in anxiety, depression and […]

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Push for Success May Be Causing an Epidemic of Student Stress

There’s no more waiting to grow up to deal with the stress of the real world. New studies have found that an alarming number of children and teenagers are suffering from anxiety and depression. Nearly one-in-three teenagers told the American Psychological Association that stress drove them to sadness or depression. They said their biggest source […]

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Epidemic of Anxiety in Children My experience as a clinician in private practice supports the statistics that indicate that anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in many countries, as 85% of my caseload consists of clients with anxiety. Furthermore, my past experience as a child and family clinician in a community health care setting, supports the […]

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Teen video game addiction

Talking with a Teen About Video Game Obsessions: Respectful Communication Helps

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to both the blessing and the curse of technology. They’ve probably been using computers, cell phones and other tech gear since about age three, so they’re well-prepared to function and earn a living in the 21st Century. Many have also enjoyed video games, while some teens may have succumbed to the […]

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The 5 Best Communication Tips for Parents

The 5 Best Communication Tips for Parents

Parenting is one of the most important and difficult jobs a person can have. It demands extraordinary skills, stamina, creativity and unconditional love. By establishing and maintaining your role as a supportive and communicative parent, you provide a safe and stable environment for your child. Using these proven communication tips will lead to a long-lasting, […]

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The Impact of High Conflict Divorce on Children’s Emotional Development

The Impact of High Conflict Divorce on Children’s Emotional Development 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. As clinicians, we are directly on the front lines of the divorce process in our work with couples, individuals, families, and with the children that experience their parent’s divorce. For the purpose of this article, […]

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ADHD On the Rise

ADHD On The Rise in the United States More and more parents come to me, with their children in tow, asking for help with ADHD.  They are often perplexed that their children can be hyper-focused on a computer game or “glued to Facebook but can’t pay attention or concentrate in school.”  The question has been […]

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