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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Characteristics and Treatment

Characteristics of OCD OCD in one form of severity or another is very common. OCD is characterized by cycles of Obsessions (intrusive thoughts such as germophobia) and corresponding Compulsions (ritual behaviors like hand washing) It is best understood as an Anxiety Disorder It can be extremely painful and debilitating It can be effectively treated with […]

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Aaron Gilbert

aaron gilbert
Aaron Gilbert, LICSW

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Therapy Approach

Good therapy is the pursuit of meaningful and lasting change. It is the identification of patterns of thought and behavior which are either no longer effective or downright destructive. It is the creation and development of reliable skills which lead us in the direction of health, confidence, and increased acceptance of self.

Good therapy is always a collaboration between client and therapist. It requires creativity, energy and most importantly the development of trust. It appreciates the unique perspectives of each individual and measures progress by how closely it mirrors the personal values and aspirations of the client.

My approach is influenced by training and experience in strengths based, cognitive-behavioral, solution focused and positive psychology. I offer help with issues related to anxiety, depression, phase of life, addictions, interpersonal, occupational and marital.

I have worked in the mental health field for over fifteen years.

Professional Training

  • University of Michigan, BA
  • Tufts University, MA – Education
  • Simmons College, MSW (Social Work)

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