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Mental Health May Be Declining in US

Is the U.S. Making Enough Progress in Treating Mental Health Disorders? Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and researchers have developed many therapies and medications that have allowed thousands of people to function well in daily life, despite a diagnosis of a mental health disorder. Mental health workers and their patients should not stop what they’re doing […]

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Rewiring the Anxious Mind

Learning to Change the Anxious Mind When I walked into yoga class that night, it was wall-to-wall mats. Each person had a journal, a packet of handouts, and a pen. Not common materials for a yoga class, but this was no ordinary yoga class. This was the beginning of a six-week series called Rewiring the […]

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Occasional Anxiety is Normal

A Brief Note on Anxiety “It’s the weight of the world / but it’s nothing at all” I had the pleasure of attending a Father John Misty concert a few weeks ago, a tour he was co-headlining with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Not really familiar with Isbell or any of his music, I […]

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Effects of Multitasking on Mental Health

Multitasking Can be Bad for Your Mental Health For a while, it was considered positive to be able to multitask. The idea was that people could take on our 24/7 society and be more productive by doing two things at a time, like sending emails while watching TV, or texting plans for tomorrow while doing […]

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Thyroid Scan

Depressed or Anxious? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Thyroid Conditions Can Mimic Mental Health Problems Have you been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a health professional? Are you taking prescription medication to ease symptoms and still not feeling great? If you haven’t had your thyroid checked recently, you may want to ask your medical professional to run blood tests to measure your […]

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The Mental Health Epidemic Among College Students

Rising Anxiety in College Students Fueling Mental Health Problems College students are in the vortex of changing times and few certainties. So it’s no wonder mental health professionals and college administrators have realized there’s an ‘epidemic’ on campuses. This epidemic doesn’t involve germs or vaccinations. It’s a mental health epidemic that arises from confusion, complex […]

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The Mental Health Risks of Perfectionism

Perfectionism Can Cause Depression Many people shrug as they admit to being a perfectionist, as if it’s both an admirable character trait and a character flaw. That attitude is often offered with kind of a wink, as if to say, “I’m going to do everything right, no matter what, so you should value and admire […]

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Helping Teenage Girls with Anxiety

Anxiety Crisis Among Teen Girls Teenage girls are carrying more than their fair share of 21st Century angst. The reasons are complex and researchers continue to explore this anxiety among teenage girls that’s become a crisis. We already know some troubling facts. Psychologist Lisa Damour, author of Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress & […]

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Using Anxiety as a Motivator

How to Make Anxiety Work for You When you go on a job interview, attend an event with lots of new people, or just have too many obligations with family or work without enough time to rest and rejuvenate, it’s natural to experience some degree of anxiety. Individuals handle anxiety in different ways, but a […]

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The Stress of Being a Constant High-Achiever

The Stress of Being a Constant High-Achiever Anxiety and Depression Caused by Academic Stress “Bright. Accomplished. Ambitious. At times anxious, deeply depressed, even hopeless.” It’s not the first description that comes to mind about some of the high-achieving students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s most renowned universities for innovation, with a […]

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