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Confronting the Reasons for an Affair Can Create a Healthier Relationship

Infidelity destroys trust in a relationship People have a deep need for trust, to know they are not alone. Trust helps a person deal with the ups and downs of daily life. So an affair can shatter the ground a person’s life is built on. The destructive choice to cheat may end some relationships that […]

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Listen Up!

Listening is important. It’s a staple in relationships. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of our day to day life. We seek it from our partners, our families, our co-workers, and even our social institutions. When we offer it to someone in distress, listening is also a fundamental act of kindness. Every day, each […]

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Feminist Perspective in Psychotherapy

Several years ago I had the privilege of working at the Women’s Therapy Center in Philadelphia as a psychotherapist. This center provides high-quality psychotherapy to adult women in a feminist-relational environment. Being a part of this center was a defining experience in my professional life. I think I always held a feminist view, even as […]

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Women and relationships: Should I stay or should I go?

Many women are searching for romantic relationships that provide love, acceptance, respect, desire, emotional security, passion and intimacy, and understanding. These are building blocks of what is perceived as a “healthy” relationship. Why then, do women everywhere, choose to stay in relationships that no longer meet these basic needs? Several factors may contribute to this […]

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