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The ABCs of IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy)

Benefits of IFS Therapy Potential for Rapid Progress Client Develops Self-Reliance – not dependent on therapist for support Client-directed Therapy – pace and intensity set by you IFS, or Internal Family Systems Therapy (developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz,) believes that we each have multiple personalities or “parts” of ourselves. These parts interact with each other […]

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Joining the Gayby Boom

If you are a gay man, woman or couple who is considering adding children to your life, this is an exciting time!  There are more and more examples of gay men and women who are becoming parents through methods other than through previous heterosexual relationships.  How to achieve this dream, can be overwhelming without a […]

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What is Internal Family Systems Therapy? An Interview With Dr. Richard C. Schwartz

An Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy   To learn more about Dr. Schwartz’s model of therapy, I attended a conference where he was presenting. I had the opportunity to hear him lecture as well as interview him about the theory, practice, and thought processes that helped him to create Internal Family Systems Therapy. In […]

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