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Avoiding Corrosive Behaviors in Relationships

What John Gottman’s Research Can Teach Us About Relationships No one wants to be in a bad relationship. We want our romantic partnerships to be emotionally healthy, mutually supportive, loving, and fulfilling. Good relationships take a lot of work. It requires patience, effort, and skill to behave in ways that support a healthy relationship. Skills […]

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Marriage is Hard: High Expectations of Marriage Make it More Challenging

Marriage Has Become Disposable The hope for “happily ever after” creates a glow at every wedding. But this idealist vision of joining lives for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and all the other challenges of life continues to fade as marriage has become a more disposable relationship. Today nearly half of all marriages […]

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Marriage: Understanding Another Person Who Is Imperfect

Marrying the ‘Wrong’ Person Can Be the ‘Right’ Choice Marriage still holds the dream, for so many of us, as the romantic partnership that will make our days loving and pleasant, with our future grounded in a friendship filled with laughter, transcendent moments and great sex. That dream may even include a couple of beautiful, […]

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Secret to Lasting Love: Repair Emotional Bonds

Living by the ‘Laws of Love’ Can Help Couples Deepen Emotional and Physical Connection The partners in a couple have to discover experiences and create new feelings to replace old negative patterns. That discovery can heal and rejuvenate a romantic relationship. Old routines that have gotten a couple into a rut, or even into negative […]

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Confronting the Reasons for an Affair Can Create a Healthier Relationship

Infidelity destroys trust in a relationship People have a deep need for trust, to know they are not alone. Trust helps a person deal with the ups and downs of daily life. So an affair can shatter the ground a person’s life is built on. The destructive choice to cheat may end some relationships that […]

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The Safest Place to Hide From Marriage Might Be Parenthood

To watch the clip follow the link here:  Marriage scapegoats: Hiding behind your kids Hiding From Your Marriage By Diving into Parenthood The article profiles a book by David Code titled, To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First. Code suggests that there is a rising trend in parents avoiding marital conflict by focusing on parenting. […]

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Shifting From Complaint to Request

Unmet Expectations Can Sour Relationships “If I have to ask for it, then it doesn’t count.” I think we’ve all had this thought at some point in our relationships, and are familiar with the sentiment behind it as well. If not, then you must be either very blessed or very lucky — blessed with an incredibly […]

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Listen Up!

Listening is important. It’s a staple in relationships. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of our day to day life. We seek it from our partners, our families, our co-workers, and even our social institutions. When we offer it to someone in distress, listening is also a fundamental act of kindness. Every day, each […]

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Creating a Solid Foundation to Your Relationship

John Gottman, a researcher who studies marital stability, found that in order to create happiness with an intimate partner, it is not enough to simply get rid of negative behaviors, but to build in behaviors that accentuate the positive and reduce the impact of the negative. Gottman explains that love has to be nurtured and […]

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How to Win!

Everyone wants to be a winner! Everyone likes to be right…right? Unfortunately, these two things aren’t the same thing and don’t always go together. Do you ever find yourself in an argument with your partner or friend and you are pushing to make sure they see your point and understand why you are right and […]

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