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Troubling Statistics on Teen Mental Health

American Teens Are Struggling with Mental Health Issues in Alarming Numbers Adolescents today have a reputation for being more fragile, less resilient and more overwhelmed than their parents were when they were growing up. Parents, teachers and mental health experts are searching for the reasons and have come up with a few possible factors that […]

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How to Connect with Your Child – Just Be with Them

‘Being’ is More Important than ‘Doing’ with Your Children Children are often overloaded with unrelenting schedules of school, homework, sports and community activities in our accomplishment-oriented culture. Not to mention the 24/7 Internet invasion of personal “down time,” if there is such a thing as “down time” any more. Being connected and texting all day, […]

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Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults

How Parents Can Recognize and Minimize Anxiety in Children and Young Adults The freedom and playfulness of just being a child has declined over the past several decades. That loss of play is having a negative effect on the emotional development of our young people and “..has led to a rise in anxiety, depression and […]

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Push for Success May Be Causing an Epidemic of Student Stress

There’s no more waiting to grow up to deal with the stress of the real world. New studies have found that an alarming number of children and teenagers are suffering from anxiety and depression. Nearly one-in-three teenagers told the American Psychological Association that stress drove them to sadness or depression. They said their biggest source […]

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On Parenting & One Young Father’s Perspective

I worked for several years with a non-profit community agency whose mission was to promote the optimal health and development of children and families. The foundational belief was that the parent-child relationship is the most critical factor in the development of emotional, cognitive, physical and social health of children. Developing Bonds of Attachment in Young […]

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