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Rewiring the Anxious Mind

Learning to Change the Anxious Mind When I walked into yoga class that night, it was wall-to-wall mats. Each person had a journal, a packet of handouts, and a pen. Not common materials for a yoga class, but this was no ordinary yoga class. This was the beginning of a six-week series called Rewiring the […]

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Finding Your Purpose in Life for Better Mental Health

A Sense of Purpose Improves Health If you want to keep depression and anxiety out of your life, find your purpose. Research shows that having a purpose in life will also help you be physically healthier and live longer. A purpose or mission in life is determined solely by you, because its meaning must resonate […]

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Tips to Create Your Optimal Self

How to Create a Life that Honors Your Best Self Being happy, satisfied, content, joyful, optimistic, loving, emotionally and physically healthy – all the ways of “being” that suggest the highest ideals of life can be like trying to catch a rainbow in your hand. Beautiful colors that disappear when we reach for them. Even […]

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Stressed Students Yearn for Relaxation and Happiness

Self-Imposed Stress Students at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut have a lot going for them. For some students at the Ivy League college, they may also have some things going against them. Specifically against their mental and physical health. What they have going on in their lives may include self-imposed high-level stress that often […]

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What is Positive Psychology and How Can It Help?

While much of the study of human psychology focuses on what is wrong with us, positive psychology focuses on what is right with us. Specifically, positive psychology looks at the characteristics and behavior of people who are optimally functioning so that we may develop and replicate those behaviors in our own lives. Positive psychology is […]

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Think You Can Increase Happiness? You Can with Practice

You Can Increase Your Baseline Happiness I recently attended a superb seminar titled, Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Well-being, presented by Jonah Paquette, Ph.D. I wanted to share with you some notable takeaways. Let’s begin by laying out a definition of happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D.: “The experience of joy, contentment, or positive […]

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Positive Psychology: Increasing the 5 Elements of True Happiness

The Secrets of True Happiness The secret to being truly happy in life comes from five basic elements. That’s the view of Martin Seligman, a leading expert in “Positive Psychology.” He has discovered through extensive research that these five basic ingredients give life balance, joy and meaning. Seligman calls this state of mental health “flourishing.” […]

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Strategies to Enhance Your Mood

5 Simple Strategies to Get Out of a Bad Mood When anxiety, depression or some other negative mood threatens to put a shadow over your day, remember that people just like you have found ways to chase that darkness away or simply let it go by. These strategies may not provide a long-term solution for […]

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Positive Thinking Can Improve Health

Positive Thinking Can Make You Healthier A few simple habits to keep you in a positive frame of mind can make you healthier. Forget people who tell you to be ‘realistic’ about negative events or feelings. Shoo them away. Walk on by and get on with your positive thinking practices. Medical research is finding that […]

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Negative Emotions Can Drive Positive Change

Negative Emotions Can Be Good for Creating Positive Change No one really wants to feel angry, sad, guilty, anxious, envious or lonely. But let’s face it – most of us feel one or more of those emotions occasionally or even frequently. Now psychologists are suggesting that these negative emotions can be what nudges us to […]

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