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Take a Vacation for Mental Health

Science Says Take A Vacation Research can now back you up when you say you need a vacation. Mental health professionals say the change of pace and different scenery can have a positive effect on your outlook on life, productivity and creativity. Science is getting more serious about the important health impacts of a vacation. […]

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Urban Design Affects Mental Health

Landscape Influences Mental Health It’s important to be aware of, and responsible for, our individual mental health and do whatever we can to create positive relationships and function well in our work and family life. But there’s a broader perspective on how to nourish mental health and that’s in the design of the community we […]

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The Power of Doing Nothing

Getting Back in Balance by Doing Nothing Doing nothing is finally getting some respect. That’s because scientists and humanists examining our frenzied, technology obsessed society are figuring out that “we the people” are out of balance. The emphasis is on “people” in the sense of the individual human being. Alan Lightman, a physicist and author […]

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The Stress Epidemic: Tips to Reduce Work Stress

The Stress Epidemic at Work A new study of workers in the U.S. and United Kingdom came to the conclusion that we are in the grip of a “stress epidemic.” That’s because 94 percent of the 1,600 workers surveyed said they suffer from stress. Many said stress is having a negative impact on their home […]

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Clutter is Stressful

Decluttering Can Reduce Stress Research is finding that clutter is more than just pile of mail unopened, laundry unfolded, or “precious” trinkets gathering dust on shelves around the house. While these elements of clutter may be just a sign of things “to do” in a busy life, the collection of “stuff” can have a psychological […]

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What I Learned from Decluttering My Home

Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere The piles were everywhere. Magazines, mail, school papers, kids’ artwork, books- there wasn’t a level surface anywhere in our house that didn’t have “stuff” on it. And every time I walked by one of these piles, I could feel myself tensing up and the cortisol levels in my body soaring. I tried […]

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Using Good Stress to Challenge Yourself and Get Things Done

How to Let Go of Bad Stress and Use Good Stress Let’s get over the myth that all stress is bad. A moderate degree of stress is natural. It’s what nudges us to get stuff done. “Stress is really just our body’s response to a challenge,” says Richard A. Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry […]

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Stressed Students Yearn for Relaxation and Happiness

Self-Imposed Stress Students at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut have a lot going for them. For some students at the Ivy League college, they may also have some things going against them. Specifically against their mental and physical health. What they have going on in their lives may include self-imposed high-level stress that often […]

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Push for Success May Be Causing an Epidemic of Student Stress

There’s no more waiting to grow up to deal with the stress of the real world. New studies have found that an alarming number of children and teenagers are suffering from anxiety and depression. Nearly one-in-three teenagers told the American Psychological Association that stress drove them to sadness or depression. They said their biggest source […]

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Managing Heightened Sensitivity Accompanying Mental Health Issues

How to Trust Yourself When You Live with the Racing Thoughts and Sensitivity of Mental Health Issues Everyone has times when the stress mounts up to an almost unbearable level, when you don’t get enough sleep, when you have to make difficult decisions, when family or work issues are pressing and need attention and resolution. […]

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