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Help Prevent Youth Suicide

Some Reasons for Teen Suicide Still a Mystery After several teen suicides in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, where most young people have good schools, nice homes and bright futures, parents were grieving and searching for answers. One of the high school boys who took his own life during a 2009 through […]

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Iraq Veteran Says Books Saved Him from Suicide

Veterans Living in Darkness When Iraq veteran Kevin Powers writes about living in darkness, he means it physically and emotionally. After returning from combat in 2005, he spent days and nights in his small apartment in Richmond, Virginia with the shades pulled down, with no direction, no meaning for his life. “Whether my distress was […]

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Teen Suicide Linked to Smartphone Use

A disturbing increase in teen depression and suicide is being linked to their use of smartphones. A new study has found that these troubling mental health issues rose suddenly beginning in 2012, according to Jean Twenge, one of the researchers on the project. That year marks the the time when more than 50 percent of […]

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Reducing Suicidal Thoughts with DBT Skills

DBT Skills Can Detour Emotional Distress and Thoughts of Suicide A young man named Will Lippincott who works in publishing in New York almost gave up and took his own life. He had tried every treatment he could find for depression for 30 years without lasting success. To him, his death seemed inevitable. Lippincott wrote […]

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How to Ease Grief After Suicide

Suicide Leaves Friend Dealing with Grief Sculptor Hanno Ahrens was a big man with a huge personality. He created big works of art. He bought a big piece of property in the northeastern corner of California called Surprise Valley. He built a huge barn with a Quonset hut on top. And in that barn he […]

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US Suicide Rate Highest in 30 Years

Suicide Rates Increase Across All Age Groups America is experiencing an increase in desperation, depression, hopelessness or whatever names we give to the reasons for suicide. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the United States has its highest suicide rate in 30 years. “It’s really stunning to see […]

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Rising Above Personality Disorder: The Creativity of Sylvia Plath

Creativity of Writer Sylvia Plath Rises above Her Personality Disorder The powerful, incisive writing of Sylvia Plath is often overshadowed by her personal story of emotional highs and lows that led to her suicide at age 30, when her writing career was at a peak. “Plath’s poetry, and not her death, was her triumphant fulfillment,” […]

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Was Hemingway’s Suicide Inevitable?

Mental Health of Literary Giant Hemingway Continues to be Studied Ernest Hemingway is revered as one of the great American novelists, acclaimed for his writing, as well as for his adventurous lifestyle and friendships with the great writers and artists of his generation. But this larger-than-life author, whose renown continues to lure crowds to his […]

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Awareness of Warning Signs and Action Needed to Address Rise in Suicide

Awareness of Warning Signs and Action Needed to Address Rise in Suicide, Especially among Middle-Aged White Men Suicide is a major public health concern. It’s become more obvious in recent years that America’s major issue in suicide is among middle-aged white men. That’s what is clear to Alan Holmlund, director of the suicide prevention program […]

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Humorous Approaches to Getting Men to Deal with Serious Mental Health Issues: Man Therapy

‘Man Therapy’ Tells Guys You Can’t Fix Your Mental Health with Duct Tape A funny, tough guy approach created by a Colorado-based suicide prevention foundation encourages men to deal with mental health issues. The humor of Man Therapy is intended to ease the way into facing serious problems like depression, stress, anger and substance abuse. […]

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