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Finding the Right Therapist

Finding the Therapist Who is a Best Match for You The three most important things to consider when choosing a therapist are trust, comfort level and professional qualifications. Every person will seek counseling for specific reasons, and each person has a unique and complex past and personal story. So your goal is to do some […]

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Love & Mercy Shows Destructive Impact of an Unsavory Therapist

The movie Love & Mercy about Beach Boys musical genius Brian Wilson explores the fragile psychological territory between receiving inspiration and crossing over into mental illness – and the critical choice of a therapist in navigating that landscape. The film sheds light on Wilson’s groundbreaking harmonies and rhythms that are far more complex than the […]

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When to consider psychotherapy?

When is it time to consider psychotherapy? For many people, the idea of consulting a psychotherapist regarding a personal problem is strange, foreign and oddly threatening. They may believe that counseling is only for people who are seriously mentally ill or for those who have experienced an extremely traumatic life event such as the death […]

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Teens Respond to Authentic Respectful Therapists

Teenagers usually get sent to therapy by parents, schools or courts for acting out in school, violent behavior, depression or sudden changes in demeanor that cause concern. Since they didn’t initiate the therapy, teens often resist. Worn-out or ineffective methods for dealing with teens in therapy make the situation more difficult. “We already know some […]

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How to spot “The Right” Therapist

The good news is that although therapists you may encounter will have a wide range of clinical orientations, levels of education and training, years of experience in the field or high praise from other professionals, your interaction with a therapist is foremost a human relationship. We are innately wired to relate to others and interactions, […]

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For Those Who Think Therapists are Just Positive-Thinking Gurus…

The Therapeutic Role is to Provide Hope So often, media portrays therapists to be incompetent, deliverers of platitudes, or those-people-who-make-me-talk-about-all-the-bad-sh*t-that’s-happened-to-me. And others will say that therapists just tout positive thinking and aren’t actually helpful. And some therapists may do or be all of these things, and nothing more. However, the truth of the matter is […]

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Rae Cuffe, LICSW on Relational Therapy

My passion for working with people who have undergone chronic and complex trauma has grown even stronger over the last several years. I am motivated by working with people who are unsure what therapy could actually bring them, and prove to them that practicing newly learned skills, acquiring new personal insight, and actually the therapeutic […]

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The Here and Now: Relationships In the Making

Understanding Adult Relationships Through Early Childhood Attachments Human connection and intimacy (attachment) are essential for all human beings. In my work as a psychotherapist, I am often inspired by the narratives of clients in their desire and work towards strengthening their bonds with others, but most importantly with themselves. I often remind clients that the […]

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Feminist Perspective in Psychotherapy

Several years ago I had the privilege of working at the Women’s Therapy Center in Philadelphia as a psychotherapist. This center provides high-quality psychotherapy to adult women in a feminist-relational environment. Being a part of this center was a defining experience in my professional life. I think I always held a feminist view, even as […]

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Whole Self Acceptance

The inability to accept and tolerate one’s self is in one form or another a primary area of mental anguish and suffering.  It is also at the heart of a majority of circumstances in which people seek psychotherapy. This is no accident. It is very hard work to accept all of ourselves. While successes, achievements, […]

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