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Anxiety Treatment with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Anxiety Treatment with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Video

We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat anxiety. How CBT works: repetitive negative thoughts influence choices. The patient is encouraged to identify actions which help bring negative feelings to life. As these actions and ideas are enhanced and promoted in therapy the negative and destructive choices weaken and dissipate. Discussed by Aaron Gilbert of Boston […]

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Anxiety: How Mindfulness Psychotherapy Can Help – Video

The anxious mind trains itself to generate worry and fear. Psychotherapy can help the patient learn how anxiety is generated by the mind. In mindfulness therapy, the patient learns to notice the anxious thoughts and feelings without fixating on them – to allow them to pass. Discussed by Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy, Brookline, […]

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Daniel Amen at Tedx

Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist with an innovate approach to treating psychiatric symptoms by first examining clients’ brain activity using a SPECT scan. He feels this is the only way one can truly determine the best treatment approach and explains his rationale in this very interesting and enlightening video:

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Alan Rabinowitz – Man and Beast

I heard this on WBUR. This is one of the best things I have heard in a long time. In this moving memoir, Alan Rabinowitz depicts the power of self acceptance. This is a vital part of finding a meaningful place in the world. Great strength is often hidden by strongly perceived deficiencies. Mr. Rabinowitz […]

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Child hodling hands with both parents

Video Discussion of Attachment Theory: Adult Experiences Can Influence Attachment Style

Aaron Gilbert and Michael Foran of Boston Evening Therapy Associates discuss how adult social interactions can have positive effects on attachment styles. People who grow up in a dysfunctional families often have attachment styles which result in poor quality, untrusting social relationships. Friendships, adult mentors, and intimate relationships can reframe the way we perceive relationships and […]

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Video – Attachment Theory and Attachment Styles Behind Attachment Therapy

In this video voiceover, Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy describes the basics of Attachment Theory, explaining how secure and insecure attachment patterns form during childhood in response to their relationship to their caregivers. Attachment patterns carry over into adulthood. Recognizing and changing our attachment pattern is the basis of attachment informed psychotherapy, a practical […]

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freckled girl hugging mother

Video Introduction to Attachment Theory — Childhood Relationship Patterns Carry Over Into Adulthood

A video introduction to attachment theory by Aaron Gilbert of Boston Evening Therapy Associates. The role of attachment theory in psychotherapy — the patterns of forming relationships learned in childhood carry over into adulthood, and therapy can improve relationship skills by examining and challenging those established patterns.   See more videos and posts about Attachment […]

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OCD: Confronting Obsessive Thoughts with the Aid of Therapy – Video Discussion

Psychotherapists Aaron Gilbert and Michael Forman of Boston Evening Therapy Associates discuss the typical obsessive thoughts that characterize OCD. Confronting those thoughts, and the anxieties they provoke, is the way to break the obsessive thought – compulsive, ritualistic behavior cycle at the heart of the disorder. With the aid of a therapist, one focuses on […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Video

A short video introduction to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) by Aaron Gilbert, Director of Boston Evening Therapy Associates in Brookline, MA. Obsessive thoughts create anxiety. The compulsive behaviors are attempts to alleviate those anxieties, leading to an obsession-compulsion cycle. Recommended books: Coping with OCD, and Getting Control.

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adopted kid

Therapy Issues Among the Adopted – Video

Adoptees may face issues related to their adoption experience. Michael Forman of Boston Evening Therapy Associates in Brookline, MA discusses issues faced by adoptees, such as problems in moving on with their lives. Adoption can have a “subtle by pervasive” impact on adoptee’s lives; growing up with no knowledge of their birth parents can have […]

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