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Colleges Face Soaring Mental Health Demands


We’ll look at a soaring demand for mental health services on college campuses, and colleges grappling with how to respond.

Students and families move in to campus housing at the College of William and Mary on August 21, 2015. The College has come under close scrutiny for a number of student suicides in the last academic year. (Courtesy College of William and Mary / Facebook)

College may look like party time, but it’s a lot of work too and for many students a stressful time of growing up and growing out. And these days, more students than ever are reporting anxiety and depression. An “epidemic of anguish,” it’s been called. Maybe they’re just reporting it more. Maybe they are more stressed. Whatever the answer, they are flooding campus mental health services. This is a generation that has no fear of counseling. But they may get one. Some schools give a lot of mental health support. Some just kick you out. This hour On Point: Stressed on campus. Why? And what follows.

– Tom Ashbrook

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