Women’s Assertiveness Support Group in Brookline

Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself and to express your needs and desires? Do you pay more attention to other people’s needs than to honoring your own? Do you find yourself at the first sign of disagreement becoming either aggressive or backing down to a passive behavior?

This women’s group is designed to help women who feel they lack the skills to assert themselves in a variety of personal and professional situation.  Many individuals find it difficult to stand up for themselves and express their desires and needs, without being aggressive or causing a conflict. This group will provide the opportunity to explore these issues in a supportive environment, and to practice new ways to relate to others and yourself.

Participants: This group is designed for adult women

Time/Day: TBD

Place: BETA Brookline offices, 7 Kent Street Brookline, MA 02445


  • Identify your communication style
  • Identify the barriers (contextual, emotional, cognitive etc) that stand in your way of being assertive.
  • Set up realistic goals to make small changes in your behavior
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and limits
  • Recognize and manage potential problems that might come up when being assertive
  • Increase interpersonal confidence and effectiveness


Format:  8 meetings of 1.5 hours each

Cost:  $40 per session, total amount of $320 to be paid in full prior to first group session

Feel free to contact us by phone: 617-738-1480 or email us at lori@bostoneveningtherapy.com.