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Climate Change Depression, Climate Grief & Climate Despair

The Rise of Climate Depression Every day seems to bring another news story about climate change. Floods, tornados, and wildfires race across our screens; reports on species extinctions, ocean pollution, and rising sea levels come fast and furious. Before we can process one event, along comes another. The constant barrage of these stories had led […]

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Thyroid Scan

Depressed or Anxious? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Thyroid Conditions Can Mimic Mental Health Problems Have you been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a health professional? Are you taking prescription medication to ease symptoms and still not feeling great? If you haven’t had your thyroid checked recently, you may want to ask your medical professional to run blood tests to measure your […]

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The Mental Health Epidemic Among College Students

Rising Anxiety in College Students Fueling Mental Health Problems College students are in the vortex of changing times and few certainties. So it’s no wonder mental health professionals and college administrators have realized there’s an ‘epidemic’ on campuses. This epidemic doesn’t involve germs or vaccinations. It’s a mental health epidemic that arises from confusion, complex […]

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SAD in the Summer: Other Forms of Seasonal Depression

SAD Can Occur in the Summer Too While many people bask in the beauty of summer’s long days, green leaves and colorful flowers, some who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, during the darkness of the winter months are also hit with depression during the warm season. Understanding depression may be difficult, even unimaginable, […]

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Finding Your Purpose in Life for Better Mental Health

A Sense of Purpose Improves Health If you want to keep depression and anxiety out of your life, find your purpose. Research shows that having a purpose in life will also help you be physically healthier and live longer. A purpose or mission in life is determined solely by you, because its meaning must resonate […]

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Urban Design Affects Mental Health

Landscape Influences Mental Health It’s important to be aware of, and responsible for, our individual mental health and do whatever we can to create positive relationships and function well in our work and family life. But there’s a broader perspective on how to nourish mental health and that’s in the design of the community we […]

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The Power of Doing Nothing

Getting Back in Balance by Doing Nothing Doing nothing is finally getting some respect. That’s because scientists and humanists examining our frenzied, technology obsessed society are figuring out that “we the people” are out of balance. The emphasis is on “people” in the sense of the individual human being. Alan Lightman, a physicist and author […]

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The Stress Epidemic: Tips to Reduce Work Stress

The Stress Epidemic at Work A new study of workers in the U.S. and United Kingdom came to the conclusion that we are in the grip of a “stress epidemic.” That’s because 94 percent of the 1,600 workers surveyed said they suffer from stress. Many said stress is having a negative impact on their home […]

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Diagram of CBT paradigm

The Vital Necessity of Coping Skills

Does this sound familiar? You, (or someone you know), are feeling anxious or depressed. It may have something to do with a job, with a relationship, even with social media. When well-meaning people try to cheer you up, telling you to look on the bright side, it has no discernible effect. Feeling down, being anxious […]

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The Mental Health Risks of Perfectionism

Perfectionism Can Cause Depression Many people shrug as they admit to being a perfectionist, as if it’s both an admirable character trait and a character flaw. That attitude is often offered with kind of a wink, as if to say, “I’m going to do everything right, no matter what, so you should value and admire […]

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