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Urban Design Affects Mental Health

Landscape Influences Mental Health It’s important to be aware of, and responsible for, our individual mental health and do whatever we can to create positive relationships and function well in our work and family life. But there’s a broader perspective on how to nourish mental health and that’s in the design of the community we […]

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The Power of Doing Nothing

Getting Back in Balance by Doing Nothing Doing nothing is finally getting some respect. That’s because scientists and humanists examining our frenzied, technology obsessed society are figuring out that “we the people” are out of balance. The emphasis is on “people” in the sense of the individual human being. Alan Lightman, a physicist and author […]

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The Stress Epidemic: Tips to Reduce Work Stress

The Stress Epidemic at Work A new study of workers in the U.S. and United Kingdom came to the conclusion that we are in the grip of a “stress epidemic.” That’s because 94 percent of the 1,600 workers surveyed said they suffer from stress. Many said stress is having a negative impact on their home […]

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Diagram of CBT paradigm

The Vital Necessity of Coping Skills

Does this sound familiar? You, (or someone you know), are feeling anxious or depressed. It may have something to do with a job, with a relationship, even with social media. When well-meaning people try to cheer you up, telling you to look on the bright side, it has no discernible effect. Feeling down, being anxious […]

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The Mental Health Risks of Perfectionism

Perfectionism Can Cause Depression Many people shrug as they admit to being a perfectionist, as if it’s both an admirable character trait and a character flaw. That attitude is often offered with kind of a wink, as if to say, “I’m going to do everything right, no matter what, so you should value and admire […]

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Avoiding Corrosive Behaviors in Relationships

What John Gottman’s Research Can Teach Us About Relationships No one wants to be in a bad relationship. We want our romantic partnerships to be emotionally healthy, mutually supportive, loving, and fulfilling. Good relationships take a lot of work. It requires patience, effort, and skill to behave in ways that support a healthy relationship. Skills […]

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Mindful Eating

Dieting Can Make You Fat For people who have tried every diet that’s grabbed national attention, lost a few pounds and often gained back a few extra, the perspective in the book Why Diets Make Us Fat could bring a sigh of relief. That easing of guilt about every bite could actually lead to long-term […]

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Man lighting cigarette at night

How to Break Bad Habits

Breaking the Bad Habit Loop When something that seems pleasurable in the beginning begins to dominate a person’s life and interfere with their physical and mental health, the temporary pleasure has turned into a bad habit. We know that habits such as the abuse of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, tobacco or social media can become destructive […]

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Helping Teenage Girls with Anxiety

Anxiety Crisis Among Teen Girls Teenage girls are carrying more than their fair share of 21st Century angst. The reasons are complex and researchers continue to explore this anxiety among teenage girls that’s become a crisis. We already know some troubling facts. Psychologist Lisa Damour, author of Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress & […]

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Helping a Loved One with Depression

Finding Ways to Help with Depression Depression in someone we love is difficult to observe and even more challenging to deal with. We have a tendency to want our husband, wife, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, brother, sister or beloved friend to “cheer up” and go out and live life. But depression, by definition, […]

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