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What is EMDR?

EMDR: The “Breakthrough” Therapy For Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma EMDR for Trauma or Emotional Distress I love my work as a therapist being able to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for clients…
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Help and Hope for Depression

This article discusses successful and famous people with depression, incidence of depression, causes of depression, symptoms of depression, affect of depression on peoples lives, therapy for depression, and treatment for depression.

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Help for New Moms with Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Just about everyone expects that the birth of a child automatically fosters feelings of happiness and joy in the mother. However, most people do not realize that about 10 to 15 percent of women develop Postpartum Depression (PPD). PPD usually emerges in the first 2 to 3 months following childbirth but can also develop anytime after delivery. If left untreated, PPD can affect the mental health of the entire family. However, with proper care including therapy and/or medication, mothers can make a full recovery from PPD.

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How to spot “The Right” Therapist

The good news is that although therapists you may encounter will have a wide range of clinical orientations, levels of education and training, years of experience in the field or high praise from other professionals, your interaction with a therapist is foremost a human relationship. We are innately wired to relate to others and interactions, particularly intense ones which therapy typically engenders result in strong reactions either positive or negative. A positive rapport usually leads to trust and trust is the key to success in therapy. So in this difficult choice, I suggest you take the George W. Bush approach and “trust your gut”. This works great for interpersonal relationships, for domestic and world policy making…. not so much.

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Bear Cub Alone but Okay

The bear cub, the one with the splayed foot didn’t know how long she had been walking. But she knew she was lost. The rich sweet smells of Huckleberry and…
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