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The Excruciating Aftermath of Suicide: Connection Urgently Needed

Suicide leaves a trail of excruciating pain and emotional chaos. “You may feel that you are going crazy. Tears come unbidden. Some friends and acquaintances drift away. There is anger, and guilt about the anger. You may question your faith. Chronic health problems may flare up.” These are some of the facts of life after […]

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Touching the Taboo: Piercing the Darkness by Bringing Suicide into the Light

Thousands of people who die by their own hand each year slipped into darkness from a broken heart, in one form or another, and left a chain of broken hearts that will never, ever be completely healed. Maybe it’s a teenager who couldn’t see light anywhere in the future, an elderly person unable to face […]

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Illuminating Depression: A Tale of Suffering and Redemption

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”  –Helen Keller Depression is Individual Depression is an illness that frequently defies language.  The nature of depression is so individualized and cryptic that efforts to depict it can feel like trying to catch an echo. In William Styron’s “Visible […]

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