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Jacob Weinberg, LICSW

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Works with:

Adolescents (starting around age 17), young adults, adults, groups

Therapy Approach:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), strengths-based, solution-focused, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral (CBT)


Anxiety, depression, ADHD, coping with stressful life events or transitions including academic, career relationship or family issues

Get to Know:

I believe that effective therapy helps you feel understood, more aware, empowered and ultimately better able to effectively navigate distress. Life can be full of struggles and sometimes it is difficult to imagine that circumstances can change. I believe in people’s capacity to change and in their ability to increase a sense of wellbeing. For some people, entering therapy is scary, especially if it is for the first time. Taking a step into the unknown during a time of struggle is a sign of strength, and I applaud you for searching for a therapist who is a good match.

I am a non-judgemental listener and my style is collaborative and supportive. I help people increase insight and awareness through exploration and reflection. I will observe, ask questions, validate, and gently challenge. I value kindness, compassion, humor, and a positive and trusting therapeutic relationship.

I believe and practice what Jon Kabat-Zinn expressed when he wrote that, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Obstacles will present themselves in our lives and we can learn how to skillfully navigate them.

I have over 12 years of experience as a clinical social worker working with adolescents, adults, parents and families in a variety of settings including office, school, residential program, hospital, and home.

Through exploration and collaboration I help people become aware of patterns and habits that may no longer be serving them well, and which  get in the way of realizing their goals. Together, we can help you develop new, more functional habits and practices that improve happiness, fulfillment and effectiveness, thus moving you closer to living a meaningful life. I enjoy integrating mindfulness techniques and skill-building work into my sessions with clients, as well as helping clients to amplify their strengths to achieve positive outcomes. I am committed to culturally competent practice and to meeting you where you’re at in a non-judgemental manner. I primarily utilize perspectives and techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), though I also take strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and positive psychology among others. I enjoy working with adults of all ages, and specialize working with young adults (aged 17 and up).

Professional Training:

Earlham College, B.A.
Simmons College, M.S.W.

Anastasia Udnikova, LICSW
Daniel Wolf, LMHC