Olga Elisa De Armas, LICSW
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Olga Elisa De Armas, LICSW

Works With:

Young adults, older adults, couples and families

Therapy Approach:

Perhaps I can best summarize my approach by saying therapy is an invitation to “dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longings”. Or, as Oriah Mountain Dreamer says“ I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away”.

Taking the courageous step to enter into the process of therapy means embracing the journey of self transformation, a journey of inner exploration for the purpose of remapping ourselves, reorganizing our interpersonal relationships and understanding and fulfilling our life’s purpose. My style of therapy is eclectic drawn from over 25 years experience and draws mostly from internal family therapy systems, cognitive behavioral theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, breathing techniques and spirituality without religious denomination.

The process of deep change is entirely possible, by consciously re-writing our destiny by modifying limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, conditioning, associations and/or traumatic imprints. I often utilize the tool of clinical hypnosis to create changes using the intense power of our minds, which we grossly underutilize. I personally discovered its power in helping to conquer my addiction to nicotine, master physical pain and drastically improve my performance as a tennis and squash player.

With each client I have been able to treat I feel enormously privileged to be part of their journeys as it involves radical honesty, compassion and collaboration


-Anxiety Disorders
-Simple trauma/ complex trauma
-Parenting issues
-Smoking cessation
-Peak Performance
-Couples therapy
-Dysfunctional Relationships
-Acculturation issues


Spanish and English

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