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Weekend Staff Psychotherapist


BOX1WE SEEK: a well trained, highly skilled, dedicated and passionate therapist.

Candidate must be a MASTER’S LEVEL OR HIGHER mental health professional and possess an independent license to practice therapy in the state of Massachusetts.
Must seek to build a practice that averages between 12-14 patients per week and approximately 20 hours over Friday Saturday and Sunday. Candidate must be seeking a long term opportunity, willing to commit 18 months with a preference for those who can envision a longer term relationship.


  • 1st class office space, first class location.
  • Highest quality website and marketing presence.
  • Reliable referral sources.
  • First Class Billing and scheduling service.
  • Peer supervision and clinical coverage.
  • Training and continuing Education opportunities,
  • Talented and supportive colleagues in a warm and friendly atmosphere,
  • Generous income sharing pay scale which is highly competitive with any comparable private practice opportunity in Boston

We are a group of dedicated therapy professionals who have built a thriving and creative work environment in Brookline. We are a supportive, entrepreneurial and motivated group completely dedicated to the highest level of care for all of our patients. We offer a lovely work space and a wide range of practice support infrastructure.

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